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Early Help Assessment

The early help assessment (EHA) and team around the family (TAF)

The Early Help Assessment (EHA) is a standardised approach to conducting an assessment of a family's needs and deciding how those needs should be met.

EHA benefits

The EHA provides a tool for assessing a family and facilitating early intervention.   The aim is to identify, at the earliest opportunity, where a family's needs are not being met, and provide timely and co-ordinated support to meet those needs. This will ensure families access the right service at the right time and stop issues escalating unnecessarily.

EHA for families

The EHA is there to help you and the information you supply will only be passed on with your consent. If you consent, it means that you should not have to keep supplying the same information to different professionals and helps those professionals work together to help you. For more information, please email our TAF Co-ordinator or call 01895 556144.