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We are pleased to announce pupils were given the opportunity to apply to become GNSA Wellbeing Ambassador this March. The pupils watched a video presented by Mrs Grewal explaining what wellbeing is and what the role involved. The pupils were asked to write a letter or draw explaining why they should be chosen to become a Wellbeing Ambassador.

Role of a Wellbeing Ambassador The Wellbeing Ambassadors will work closely with Mrs Grewal (Safeguarding team) and will represent Pupils Voice in relation to the wellbeing of their class. They will not only be expected to raise awareness of positive wellbeing in their own class but throughout the school community. The team will need to lead in a range of activities to support the positive wellbeing of their peers, staff and parents. Overall, a Wellbeing Ambassador will need to spread joy, lift people’s spirits and be there for anyone in their time of need.