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Guru Nanak
Multi Academy Trust

Christmas Jumper Day 2017

How can you help?

This Friday, we are inviting you to wear a Christmas Jumper to school. Please donate any amount you can and get involved in this event.

This event has been driven by students of the school and is for a good cause. Please look beyond how silly, funny, uncoordinated you think your outfit will look and get into the spirit of Christmas.

Think about those that are less fortunate than us over this festive period.

Save the Children Charity

•Please can you spend some time in PSHE looking through the stories of the work that the charity do.

•Click on ‘what we do’ and as a form, choose three areas (or more if you have time) to read about.

What can I wear?

•Donate what you can for the charity.

•Wear a Christmas Jumper or

•Wear a Christmas Tie if you have one

•Get creative and stick baubles, tinsel, crackers and create a jumper!

What is not allowed?

•You don’t have to go and buy one. It is not compulsory.

•Any festive tops should respectfully cover your upper body and not be revealing.

•Any festive clothing with logos, pictures and or slogans should not be offensive or suggestive.

•School Head covering/scarf is still expected to be worn during assembly.

Not a non uniform day

•Just like the previous years, this is NOT a full non uniform day.

•You can wear the jumper instead of your school jumper or blazer.

•Anyone who is not in a ‘festive jumper’ will be asked to remove it.

•If you choose not to take part, you simply come in full school uniform that day.

•On Friday, you will have a fancy plastic wallet for the collection in your register. Please can you donate and give the envelope in to Room 16 by 8.30am.