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Youth Travel Ambassador team 2020-21

The YTA Club has been operating for over four years now, normally working with a group of students across all year groups. 

The YTA scheme works with Transport for London and Hillingdon Council to identify the problems students and the wider community experience in their way to and from school. 

Our aim is to communicate with our school community to inform them about sustainable ways to travel to school which help maintain a healthy life style and reduce the air pollution around school.

Every year we have successfully taken part in a ‘Dragons’ Den’ event during which the YTA student team has to identify the most pressing problems they face and pitch for funding for their solutions. Every year we have raised at least £1000 for our activities.

We have worked with the Council to improve Springfield Road and the area around Guru Nanak Sikh Academy with a roundabout, two zebra crossings, cycle lanes and improved road surfacing but we know that much more can be done to make Springfield Road an even more welcoming environment for parents and children to walk to school to. 

The work for the YTA team has been more challenging this year due to the Covid restrictions, however we managed to have an anti-idling event before the first lockdown, speaking to parents parking around school and informing them about the damage to the environment when cars are idling.

Since coming back to school in September we have a new YTA team of year 9 students who have had workshops and meetings with a variety of charities supporting Hillingdon Council.

We now have a 5 and 10 minute walking map helping parents drop off students, so they can walk the rest of their journey.

Please click on the link below to view the walking map:

Guru Nanak Sikh Academy Walk Zone Map

We also worked with Sustrans to identify hazards and reasons which discourage students to walk down Springfield Road and through Minet Country Park. We have many exciting ideas of how to improve our school environment and the surrounding area even more.

We are always keen to hear from students and parents and often send out surveys to hear your voice.