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The new foundation subject in Citizenship became statutory from August 2002.


The aim of the Year 10 programme in citizenship is to enable and encourage students to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to become informed ,active and responsible members of local ,national and global communities.

The syllabus explores such diverse issues as citizenship, crime, democracy and human rights. It is complemented by the guidelines for Personal, Social and Health Education.

Personal, Social and Health Education


The aim of the Year 10 programme in PSHE is to enable and encourage students to:

  • Develop mutual respect and support.
  • Think about issues and make informed decisions.
  • Be aware of and take care of others and the environment.
  • Talk about feelings and be sensitive to the feelings of others.
  • Be constructively critical and questioning.
  • Be responsible for their behaviour and learning.
  • Think about, assess and develop their potential.

The programme is based on a commitment to equal opportunities for all students and a respect for cultural diversity. In addition ,it aims to prepare students for life in a multi cultural society

The programme includes five major themes. These are:

  • Health and Safety
  • Social Awareness
  • Personal Relationships
  • Personal Management
  • Study Skills.

The methods of learning are various and students are expected to participate in discussion, the gathering of ideas, writing tasks, reading, analysis of problems, pair, group and individual work. The topics which are studied under the four main themes are:

Physical and Emotional Health

  • coping with stress, smoking ,alcohol ,drugs and psychiatric illness.

Community Service

  • the local environment, disabilities, death and bereavement, stereotyping, prejudice, crime and the laws.

Fulfilling Relationships

  • parents and teenagers, friendship, love, sexual responsibility.

Group Relationships

  • development of potential, learning, time for prayers.