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Our curriculum is built to consider the 'Big Picture'  and ensuring that the mission that has been given to us by our founder is evident in the school vision and ethos. The aim of that 'Big Picture' is to enable those who pass through the MAT to take on the understanding of service to others and go on to serve humanity. For our pupils to become the next Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela Bhai Ghanaiya Ji and that they will treat their fellow humans with compassion and respect.

We have a broad curriculum from Y1 to Y13 that supports the young people to achieve their dreams as they move into the wider world. Through keeping the 'Big Picture' in mind the aim is for there to be continuity which will support the outcomes of our pupils and help parents to have a better understanding of what is being taught and why.

We select what is to be studied in order to meet  those ambitions and through inclusive practices implement that vision so that no young person is disadvantaged  by what is on offer. The aspirations of the MAT are led by the desire to support the flourishing of all children regardless of background. 

We look to provide a curriculum that is rich in the knowledge they need to succeed in life and to enable them to help others to succeed. There is a focus on the qualifications they are pursuing but always with the understanding of how those qualifications will help them to go on to be positive members of society.  

Through the Sikh ethos we look to help them to understand themselves through their studies and be able to flourish in whatever they choose to do whilst always remembering that what they do for themselves will benefit others. 




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