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The Library/LRC is a new building built in 2010.  It has two floors, downstairs for lower school students and their resources and upstairs is for upper school students.  It has 32 computers for use by all.  The Library subscribes to Britannica Encyclopaedia Online.  It takes The Times daily and First News Weekly.

It is open at 7.30 every morning and closes at 4.00 pm. 

The Library takes part in the Hillingdon Book of the Year, which is an annual event, whereby students are given six books to read and they choose their favourite; culminating in an award ceremony with the Borough High Schools in Ruislip.  We also celebrate World Book Day with competitions and prizes throughout the week.  It is the Library’s aim to promote reading for pleasure as well as helping with resources to support the Curriculum.  We have Mystery Monday in the library every Monday whereby a student picks up a wrapped up book – not knowing anything about it. 

In the past we have organised a poet to come into school.  It is always fun and the year 7’s enjoy it enormously.  In previous years we have had The Hillingdon Book of the Year award winning author Cliff McNish visit the school and inspire the students to use their imagination and write something themselves.  We have also visited Uxbridge High School with a group of students to listen to Joe Craig the author of the Jimmy Coates series of books.  We are privileged to have had Marcus Alexander come in to  speak to our students.  Marcus writes the Charlie Keeper series of books. 

The Library has recently purchased an internet connected television to enrich students enjoyment of books and authors by enabling us to link up with them for webcasts and podcasts; this will also be used for Library Lessons in Orientation and Retrieval.  This should prove to be an exciting opportunity for the Library and its users. We have had webcasts by Jeff Kinney and Jacqueline Wilson.  We also went back in time with a tour of Shakespeare’s school. 

The Librarian keeps an eye on the student book usage, with their reading scores on their accounts it is easy to spot a student that might need extra support and that will be offered in help to choose a book, and to make sure that those students in particular have a current Library book.

Finally, the library is looking towards the future and e-books.  It is in it’s infancy but it is something that we will be developing as time goes by.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online

Using the link below, you will be able to access the Encyclopaedia Britannica Online. After clicking on the link, type in GNSA and then your library ticket number. This will give you access to an extremely large amount of information (texts, images, sound files, videos) which may be useful for study purposes across the curriculum. Follow the instructions carefully, as one of the facilities is the ability to store information you may need for future reference in your own area.

Please note that by going to 'My Britannica' on the website (top right hand corner), you will be able to set up your own personal membership with a password. This will allow you to save any information of interest in your own area. It is a fantastic resource and much more realiable than Wikipedia.  I would encourage everyone to use it

Click here to visit the Encyclopaedia