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Guru Nanak Sikh Academy was started off as a faith school and still has a very strong element of faith deeply enrooted in its everyday life.. We welcome children from different cultures and faith traditions all of whom work well together in imbibing the Sikh principles (Remembering God, working hard and sharing with others) of the school.

Respect for beliefs / practices related to all religions is at the heart of our school ethos. We see each child as a whole person and provide a broad and balanced curriculum whilst aiming to help everyone achieve their personal beliefs and opinions on religion and life. Differences are respected and valued, and we believe that every individual should have equal access to the opportunities available in our school.

Approaches to the teaching of RE

In order to make religious education a lively, active subject we employ a variety of teaching methods, including art, music, discussions, the development of thinking skills, drama, the use of artifacts, pictures, stories, and the use of periods of stillness and reflection.

In addition to this there are three major religious events which are celebrated by all students annually, thus offering them more performance and spiritual opportunities.

The Religious Education curriculum will provide opportunities for students to develop the following skills and attitudes:

Skills: Investigations, Empathy, Synthesis, Interpretation, Evaluation, Application, Reflection, Analysis and Expression.

Attitudes: Self awareness, Respect for all, Open mindedness


Year 7:

  1. What do different people believe about God?
  2. Key religious figures
  3. Key religious beliefs
  4. Religious Authority
  5. Equality and Justice
  6. Ultimate questions

Year 8:

  1. Putting faith into practice
  2. Code breaking – Symbols
  3.  Religious places
  4. Life after death
  5. Purpose of life
  6. Evil and suffering

Year 9:

  1. Sikh attributes of God
  2. Basic Beliefs and values
  3. Contribution of the 10 Gurus
  4. Worship and celebration
  5. Living a Sikh life
  6. Charity in religion


The Religious Education curriculum will be based on the two Attainment Targets set out in the Agreed Syllabus:

Attainment Target 1 – Knowledge and Understanding of religion

Attainment Target 2 – Knowledge and understanding from religion