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Guru Nanak Sikh Primary Academy is a two-form entry school

The vast majority of pupils are from an Indian heritage, almost all speaking Panjabi at home. Sant Baba Amar Singh Ji is our Founder and Spritual Leader.

Message from Sant Baba Amar Singh Ji:

Every child deserves an education regardless of colour or creed. Every child should be given every opportunity to receive the best education and go onto University. Every child should use their gained knowledge to help those less fortunate. The need to have doctors, dentists, eye specialists and many more professional careers are all necessities in any given society. Every child should be taught to put the needs of others before themselves and to serve all.


Those who serve others have my blessings and will go on to live a life of contentment.

History of Our School

1993 to 1999: Guru Nanak Sikh College

Guru Nanak Sikh College was founded by Sant Baba Amar Singh Ji and officially opened in January 1993. Baba Ji had already opened up a number of institutions in India with the aim of helping the poor and the underprivileged. Requests for a school in the UK came from parents concerned about drugs, indiscipline, and moral standards. Guru Nanak Sikh College opened as an independent school. The College steadily gained a reputation as a centre of educational excellence with students who were well motivated, disciplined and responsible.

1999 – 2010: Guru Nanak Sikh VA Primary School

The Primary School finally moved into its new building in 2006. Since then, it has grown each year by one form to become a full two form entry school from Reception through to Year 6 and also offering pre-school Nursery facilities. This new building with its very modern facilities provides each class with its own shared area, a colourful and spacious school library and a specialised ICT provision. These facilities and excellent teaching and leadership resulted in the school and its pupils being judged ‘Good’ by Ofsted in 2007.

2010 – to the present time: Guru Nanak Sikh Academy

As an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted school, in June 2010 the Secondary school made an application to the government to fast track to Academy status. The Secondary School’s status as an Academy was confirmed in November 2010. Subsequently, following being judged as an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted school in 2012, Guru Nanak Sikh Primary School in September 2012 was incorporated into the Academy and this began the process of admitting pupils/students across the full 5 – 18 age range.