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Welcome to our Literacy Page

Literacy Challenge:
There is a weekly literacy challenge for all students to undertake. It consists of one task that should take around 5-10 minutes to complete during form time. Tasks are sent out every Monday morning to form tutors. 
Each week, the winning form will all receive one HP per student. At the end of the year, the form with the most “wins” in the challenges will receive an exciting prize!
Word of the Week: 

There is a 'Word of the Week' that is displayed on the screens around school and it is shared with all students by their form tutors on a Monday. 

Students will be awarded for using the word correctly and relevantly in lessons.

Reading Canons: 



Joining and visiting your local library on a regular basis has many benefits. 

  1. You have access to thousands of books and resources for FREE.
  2. Download FREE e-books and simply read them on your own device from the comfort of your home.
  3. It’s an excellent space for studying quietly- you can revise or even complete your homework.
  4. Access to computers and the internet to support your learning. 
  5. Librarians are experts and will guide you to choose and find books.  
  6. Lots of events take place at libraries such as author visits and reading groups. 

List of your local libraries:

  1. Botwell Green Library 
  2. Yeading Library
  3. Southall Library
  4. Harlington Library
  5. Heston Library
  6. Cranford Library 
  7. Northolt Library 
  8. Greenford Library 
  9. Hounslow Library
  10. Uxbridge Library


  1. Botwell Green Library: Hayes Town, Hayes UB3 2HW (situated inside Botwell Green Sports and Leisure Centre)
  2. Yeading Library: Yeading Ln, Hayes UB4 0EW
  3. Southall Library: The Dominion Centre, 112 The Green, Southall UB2 4BQ
  4. Harlington Library: Pinkwell Ln, Hayes UB3 1PB
  5. Heston Library: New Heston Road, Hounslow TW5 0LW
  6. Cranford Library: Bath Rd, Cranford, Hounslow TW5 9TL
  7. Northolt Library: Church Rd, Northolt UB5 5AS
  8. Greenford Library: 23 Oldfield Ln S, Greenford UB6 9LG 
  9. Hounslow Library: Hounslow House First floor 7 Bath Road Hounslow Middlesex TW3 3EB
  10. Uxbridge Library: 13-14 High Street Uxbridge Middlesex UB8 1HD

Digital Libraries

All the local libraries are offering an exciting online platform that allows you to borrow e-books, audiobooks, newspapers and magazines for free. 

You simply need to join your local library.  Hounslow, Hillingdon and Ealing all offer this opportunity. If you live outside of these areas you can speak to Ms Dhanju in room 5.  

When you are a library member, you will have access to the digital library- you can see how to login on the following websites: