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School Meals

Pupils are welcome to have a school dinner or bring in a packed lunch from home. We encourage healthy meals and warmly welcome any feedback on school lunches. Please see the school lunch menus below. 

Free School Meals Checker

Parents/Carers who receive Income Support, Tax Credit or Job Seekers Allowance are entitled to claim free school meals for their child. It is important parents/carers apply for these meals if entitled to do so. It is a ‘right’ and there is no stigma attached to applying for free school meals. Information on eligibility for Free School Meals is obtainable from your Local Authority website. You can also check your eligibility using this link:

Please complete the free school meal Eligibility form below in English.

MAT Free School Meal Eligibility Request Form On School Websites: 2022-2023

For information only, you can read the Punjabi version of the form here