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Exciting News from GNSA TFL Pioneers! 

Exciting News from GNSA TFL Pioneers! 

Our Pioneers took the stage at the Dragons' Den event in the Uxbridge Bunker and nailed it! They raised an impressive £700 for our future projects, showcasing their passion and dedication. 

 The students wowed a huge audience and dragons from Hillingdon Council, TFL, and the Thales Group with their eloquent speeches and fantastic ideas.  They received high praise for their presentation skills and innovation. 

Get ready for a positive change! We're launching a weekly Walk to School Friday initiative and inviting parents for coffee events.  Our mission is to connect with the community through social media, podcasts, and even on the Sikh TV channel.  Let's keep everyone informed and inspired!

Join us on this incredible journey towards a brighter, more connected future!