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Advice for Parents: One Year Plan for Year 11

By the end of Year 11 your teenager will have made decisions about their future. The calendar below shows what they need to do and the support available to help them make the right choices.

September - December

  • Explore the range of options in employment, training, sixth forms and further education colleges.
  • Consider pathways that fit around their skills, interests and predicted grades.
  • Weigh up all the pros and cons of different options.
  • Visit the websites listed on our website to help with your research:
  • Check out schools, colleges and training providers own websites and prospectus for more information.
  • Encourage your teenager to ask tutors or teachers for more information or advice.
  • Go to college and sixth form open days and events.
  • There are deadlines for making applications – ensure that your teenager is aware of these dates; don’t let them leave everything until the last minute!
  • Remember that some VI forms/colleges are very popular so avoid disappointment by submitting an early application.

January - March

  • Application forms need to be completed by the end of January.
  • College and sixth form interviews begin. Recruitment for apprenticeships and other vocational training begins.
  • Contact colleges/sixth forms if your teenager is likely to need additional support.
  • If your teenager is looking for work with training or apprenticeships, they need to start contacting employers; they might also need a back up plan such as a full-time college course.

April - June

  • Exams start in May.
  • Check the costs of courses, books, field trips, uniforms and equipment for post 16 options.
  • Teenagers need to continue applying for jobs and work based learning, make sure they have an up to date CV ready.
  • If looking for training or work register with the Apprenticeship service, employment agencies and keep an eye on vacancies.
  • National Insurance numbers should have been issued by now but if not call 0300 200 3502.

July - August

  • Your teenager needs to enrol at college if they have applied for a course starting in September; there may be also be summer enrolments for those with unconditional offers.
  • If they are continuing into sixth form they may have to attend an induction day.
  • Options might need to be considered once they have received exam results. Staff at Sixth forms, colleges, training providers and youth support services can all give help and advice.

If your teenager is looking for work they need to update their CV with exam results.

For advice, once they have left school, phone the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900.

Useful Websites: