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Mr Baxter is our school’s eco-awareness leader. As part of their non-fiction literacy topic, year 2 pupils wrote Mr Baxter a letter with ideas for how the school could be more eco-friendly. We have included some samples of their work below:

Dear Mr Baxter, I am writing to you because I strongly believe that some people in the school leave the tap on when they are washing their hands and by this we are wasting plenty of water. I think you should consider changing the normal taps into the sensor taps. Everyone knows that we use aluminium foil to pack our lunch which is not good for our health or for the ecosystem, we should use cloth napkins because it is reusable. It is a fact that glitter is not good for the environment because glitter might get into the oceans, river, sea or the lake and some animals in the ocean might eat GLITTER because might be they think that it is food and also it causes skin disease. So I think you should BAN GLITTER from the school. By doing this we can save our planet and environment from diseases. 

Yours sincerely,

Sukhmani Sahota

Dear Mr Baxter, I strongly believe that we should try to make the school eco friendly because it supports the earth. We can do this by saving water, giving enough food at lunch so we don’t waste the food, recycling and planting more plants. Everyone knows that littering is bad for the environment. It is a fact that young children in our school waste their food and not eat it. I think you should really consider changing the way the school should be MORE eco friendly. 


Prateek Nangpal