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Some of the Eco Committee attended a workshop run by Global Action Plan about how to purify air and make it cleaner. They discussed the school's environment and ways it could be improved. This is what a Year 5 student had to say about the workshop:

"In the workshop we first talked about the main good gases in our air; we learnt that there is nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide combined. Then we discussed the fact that there are bad gases in our air like methane, fine particulate matter, ultrafine particulate matter and carbon monoxide.

We learnt that ultrafine particulate matter is 40 times smaller than a grain of sand! This means it enters our blood through our lungs and is almost impossible to send out of our bodies.

Another worry that we discussed in the workshop is pollution. Aeroplanes, engines, cleaning products and fires cause pollution so we need to replace them with effective, beneficial and eco-friendly items or solutions instead.

This is why the charity Global Action Plan is going to include our school in a new project.  As part of the workshop they introduced us to two machines. One which cleans our air and another which tells us which bad gases are present in the air we breathe at school. They said these would help us improve our health and awareness of air quality and that they will be interested to see the results."

As a school we are working hard to think of ways to improve the environment around the site, including the quality of air.